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Hike to Rydal Caves (Lake District)

£60of £110 raised

A group a 25 brothers from Oldham will be hiking to Rydal Caves in the Lake District to support Westwood Kindergarten which is in need of our support.Along side the hike there will be a special tafseer of Surah Kahf in the cave and some Quran recitation by Made Muslim Foundation students and guests joining us on the hike.Please support the cause and also make dua Allah accepts our efforts. AmeenPeace, mercy and blessings to you all - السلام عليكمLake District is such a beauty which needs to be explored. Aside from the usual Ambleside and Windermere which we are all familiar with there are many untapped areas of Lake District many of us don’t know of or even explore…Alhamdulillah, MMF has taken on the initiative to arrange a truly unique hike to Rydal Caves with bunch of young brothers aged 18+ and once we reach the caves, we will be taking part in a short motivational summary of the lessons from the Story of the Cave as mentioned in holy Quran.The aim of this hike are many and will list few below and hope that can make dua for the success of the project and also support us in our target which we have set to raise money for Westwood Kindergarten.1. Explore the wonderful countryside and ponder upon the magnificent creations from our creator2. Brotherhood - create lasting memories with brothers from Oldham within a beautiful halal environment and not sacrificing our deen3. Raise much needed funds for Westwood Kindergarten* and investing in our aakhirah.Westwood Kindergarten is a project from the Green Dome Academy which is ran by our beloved Ml Kamal Uddin Khan from Oldham and is in much need of our funds and duas.

Fahim Ahmed
United Kingdom